Lesson Program



Our lesson program teaches people of all ages in a fun, safe, and clean atmosphere that is conducive to learning.  Learning the responsibilities of good horsemanship as well as how to ride is the basis for our rider's education. Moonlight focuses on English-style lessons (flat work and hunter/jumper) for everyone's needs and riding level!  

 Private lessons are mandatory for students of all ages who are just starting their riding career.  During these lessons, the student will learn to tack up their horse, lead and mount the horse, and follow directions given by the trainer.  A student will be eligible to move to a group lesson when they can independently perform walk and posting trot on multiple school horses. During these lessons, the basic skills in walk, trot, and canter will be practiced as well as exercises to improve balance and co-ordination thus reinforcing that special relationship between rider and their horse.  Lessons will be held rain or shine.  On rainy days, the lessons will consist of stable management and horsemanship skills such as learning the correct use of grooming tools, parts of the horse, and horse show readiness techniques.

Riders who have exhibited the ability to handle their horse independently, can perform all 3 gaits correctly, and can comprehend patterns (dressage or jumping courses) will be able to move into more advanced group lessons. 

Classes are held throughout the week and on weekends.  Moonlight also offers opportunities for riders to compete at local schooling shows or rated shows based on availability and scheduling.

Lessons start at $40.00. A deposit is required and will be held by your instructor in the event of a "no show/no call" lesson. Your Instructor requires a 24-hour advance notice of cancellation.  In the event that you need to cancel, contact your trainer directly – do not leave a message on the barn phone.  If your deposit is used for a "no show”, you will be asked to replace it with a current check.